1. The Regulations apply to the use of the “Happy Together” mobile application available on iOS and Android, hereinafter referred to as the Application.

2. The owner of the “Happy Together” application is Paweł Mąkosa, hereinafter referred to as the Developer.

3. The User is any person above the age specified by the AppStore and Google Play platform restrictions in a given country due to the content contained in the Application.

4. A device is any smartphone, tablet or computer with an installed operating system that enables the installation of the Application.

Terms and Conditions

Before using the Application, the User is obliged to read the content of the Regulations. By downloading or using the Happy Together application, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions and they automatically apply to you – please read carefully.

The Happy Together app tracks a woman’s menstrual cycle, but is much more than just a calendar. It allows the user to learn about the phases and the effects that hormonal changes have on her. For each day, it gives tips and suggestions for men during everyday life and for intimate times. These tips were developed using psychological and scientific knowledge and on the basis of the observations and experiences of many people. They are intended to help men better understand women and develop a stronger and happier relationship.

The “Happy Together” application is a guide, not a set of rules and orders. Nor is it intended for planning or avoiding pregnancy. The application does not contain any prohibited content or content related to pornography, violence, gender discrimination or any other form of discrimination. It was created out of respect for the natural difference between men and women and the conviction that we men have a duty to understand and accept these differences.

When using the Application, the User must be aware that every woman, even on the same day of the cycle, may have a different temperament, libido or hormone levels. Age, upbringing, origin and social perception are of great importance. Also, external factors such as diseases, stress, hard work, and above all hormonal disorders or hormonal contraception, can and do affect the hormonal balance of a woman and her behavior. Due to the unstable hormonal balance of young women and the content contained in the Application, the minimum age for a woman is 18 years. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the woman’s date of birth. The upper age limit is variable and depends on the User.

The average length of a woman’s menstrual cycle is 28 days, but it can be shorter or longer by several days. For the Application to function properly and the data to be accurate, the average length of a woman’s cycle must be between 21-35 days. Single periods may be longer than 35 days, but may not be shorter than 21 days.

There is a chapter in the Application entitled “Man’s wisdom”. It is a collection of tips, slogans, suggestions and quotations collected by the developer of the Application or sent by Users. These tips are presented randomly on each device. The contents of these quotes may not be in line with the views of the Application developers, although they have been selected so that they do not contain prohibited content. We have made every effort to identify the authors of the quotes and to ensure that the quotes presented are original or as close as possible to the original statements of their authors. However, we reserve that the content may differ from their original versions. This is unintentional and results from differences in translations or source materials that are difficult to verify.

For the sake of clarity and opennes: An optional add on to this application has been developed to allow a user to enter the details and have advice on more than 1 woman. This has been created to allow this application to be used by persons of all cultures and beliefs throughout the world i.e. polygamous marriages – and again, does not necessarily represent the views of the developer.

The application may not be copied or modified in any way. You cannot try to extract the Application code or create derivative versions. The Application logo may not be used without the prior consent of the Developer.

Rights and Responsibility of the Developer

The developer makes every effort to make the application as useful and efficient as possible. We reserve the right to make changes to the Application. We reserve the right to introduce fees for the Application or its services. However, we will never charge the User with fees without his knowledge and consent, or without explicit information on what exactly the fee is for.

You acknowledge that Developer is not responsible for:

1. Malfunction of the Application, if the User has made changes to the operating system of his device.

2. Malfunction of the Application as a result of circumstances for which it is not possible to fully examine them and to prevent possible malfunctions in the Application’s functioning.

3. The quality of the Internet connection or the lack of Internet connection and the resulting difficulties in using the Application;

4. For the manner of using and using the Application by the User.

5. For direct and indirect losses of the User resulting from using the Application and relying entirely on its functions.

6. For services, applications and services provided by third parties

The developer will make periodic updates in order to improve the operation, improve functionality, fix errors and adapt the Application to the requirements of new versions of the iOS or Android operating systems. The User should keep track of the availability of Application updates and use the latest versions to avoid operating errors or functional limitations.


If the Application is purchased or the User makes a payment in the Application, the complaint procedure or refund is in line with the complaint procedures of the AppStore and Google Play platforms.

Data safety

The “Happy Together” application stores and processes personal data provided by the User ONLY on the User’s device. It is the User’s responsibility to ensure the security of the phone and access to the Application. It is advised not to jailbreak or root your phone, which is the process of removing software restrictions and restrictions imposed by the device’s official operating system. This may expose the User’s phone to malware / viruses / unwanted programs, compromise its security features and may also mean that the “Happy Together” application will not work properly or at all.

The Application uses the services of third parties that declare their own Terms of Use:

• Google Play Services

• Google Analytics for Firebase

• Facebook

Amendments to the Regulations and Terms of Use

The developer may update the Regulations and the Terms of Use. For this reason, it is recommended that you review this page periodically for any changes. If there are changes to the Regulations, a new version of the Application will also be released.


If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please contact us at


This information is used to inform Users and visitors about our rules for the collection, use and disclosure of personal data when using the “Happy Together” Application.

Collection and Use of Personal Data

The developer – owner and creator of the “Happy Together” application – does not download, collect, use or share any Application User data or data provided by the User in the Application.

To use the Application correctly, the User must enter the following information of the woman whose cycle he would like to track.

Those are:

– any photo from the User’s device or a ready avatar from the Application,

– name or nickname,

– date of birth to verify that the Application is applicable,

– date of the last menstrual period and average cycle length.

These data will be stored only on the User’s device and will not be sent, collected or used by the Developer in any way

Device logs

If the User has consented to it when first starting his device, then in the event of an error or failure of the Application, information will be sent to the developers of Android and iOS systems. The developer will have access to them. Such information may include:

– phone model,

– operating system version,

– the version of the installed Application,

– error or failure code,

– other statistical data.

These data can in no way be used to identify the User.

Links to external websites

The Happy Together App may contain references or links to other sites. These external websites are not managed by the Developer and have their separate Privacy Policies which the User should read. The developer is not responsible for the content and activities of websites, services or third parties.

Children’s privacy

The Happy Together app is not designed to be used by persons under the age of 18

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We may update the Privacy Policy. For this reason, it is recommended that you review this page periodically for any changes. If there are changes to the Privacy Policy, a new version of the Application will also be released.


If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please contact us at