This information is used to inform Users and visitors about our rules for the collection, use and disclosure of personal data when using the “Happy Together” Application.

Collection and Use of Personal Data

The developer – owner and creator of the “Happy Together” application – does not download, collect, use or share any Application User data or data provided by the User in the Application.

To use the Application correctly, the User must enter the following information of the woman whose cycle he would like to track.

Those are:

– any photo from the User’s device or a ready avatar from the Application,

– name or nickname,

– date of birth to verify that the Application is applicable,

– date of the last menstrual period and average cycle length.

These data will be stored only on the User’s device and will not be sent, collected or used by the Developer in any way

Device logs

If the User has consented to it when first starting his device, then in the event of an error or failure of the Application, information will be sent to the developers of Android and iOS systems. The developer will have access to them. Such information may include:

– phone model,

– operating system version,

– the version of the installed Application,

– error or failure code,

– other statistical data.

These data can in no way be used to identify the User.

Links to external websites

The Happy Together App may contain references or links to other sites. These external websites are not managed by the Developer and have their separate Privacy Policies which the User should read. The developer is not responsible for the content and activities of websites, services or third parties.

Children’s privacy

The Happy Together app is not designed to be used by persons under the age of 18

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We may update the Privacy Policy. For this reason, it is recommended that you review this page periodically for any changes. If there are changes to the Privacy Policy, a new version of the Application will also be released.


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