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Would you like to understand a woman’s emotions, a woman’s libido or the emotional needs of a woman? Are you looking for the answers on: How to talk to a woman? Why is she flighty? Why libido in women changes? When does a woman ovulate and is most fertile?.... For those and many more answers to your questions 'Happy Together‘ will guide you on the path to a fuller and more fun relationship.


'Happy Together' helps you in a simple and easy way to better understand your partner!

Bad week, Time of the month, PMS, Menstruation, Red flag, Period…… The list of names or slang goes on but means nothing unless you understand the science and truths behind this cycle of life.

One of the factors that contributes to why we often misunderstand women is that we don't understand the menstrual cycle, the importance of it or the impact it can have on women.
The 'Happy Together' Application is a map of this cycle with explanations. Its purpose is to help a man learn and understand the changes in each phase and how it affects a woman.
It is said that a woman is flighty, but meanwhile most men don't understand why. Within 'Happy Together' we simply and clearly show how and why particular phases of the cycle are likely to affect a woman's behavior, humor, mood, approach to intimate matters, or even her appearance.

The Application is easy to use, written in simple language and incorporates science, knowledge, proven experience and humor.

More reasons to install the application

Some features to help improve and support your relationship:

Giving you the knowledge

Everything a man needs to know about a woman to improve life. Evolution, nature and science explained without having to ask. Short and in understandable language.

Tips for intimate life

What her thoughts and feelings may be during the cycle and how to improve your intimate life. This should improve your sex life whilst also trying to match both of your needs.

Tips for everyday life

Based on science, following the monthly cycle, we offer you daily simple, smart and easy tips on how to improve your communications, actions and relationship .

Men's wisdom

Hundreds of quotes and thoughts from famous or everyday people. Fun, Serious, Crazy, all different but all based around men, women, love and sex.

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Biology in a new way

Survival, reproduction and looking after offspring – these are vital life functions of humans

Male’s role is simple and invariable throughout his adult life. Female’s role is much more complex and changes during the month due to ‘a menstrual cycle’. Download the application and find out how you can learn to follow, understand and harmonize with your partner's cycle. Trust us, your life will be far better, easier and you will be loved more!

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